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Answers to frequently asked questions:
"Is the list of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's books mentioned in Wikipedia correct?"
No. To get a correct list of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's books visit کلکسیون من از کتابهای پرویز قاضی سعید. It is certainly more complete and more correct than the list in Wikipedia.
Different ways of spelling of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's name I have seen on the Internet... all referring to the same personality:
Parviz Ghazi Saeed
Parviz Ghazi Said
Parviz Qasi Said
Parviz Qazi Said
Also abbreviated as PGS
"How many Loveson books are there? And do you have them all in your collection?"
There are a total of 14 Loveson stories; 13 of them were written by Mr. Ghazi Saeed, and 1 by Amir Rezaee. The first Loveson book featured Loveson and another detective called Robert. Samson was introduced in book number two, and the Loveson/Samson duo featured in two books together before Richard was introduced. The last eleven books featured the famous trio.
"What more can you tell us about Loveson, Samson & Richard?"
Reading all the fourteen books you'd realize that Loveson is actually this character's Family name! His full name is Robert Loveson, and his private code is B.F.333 (as James Bond's was 007). Richard's full name is Richard Block. And as for Samson, it's a mystery if this was his first or last name. So when we say, see or read the name of the famous trio 'Loveson, Samson, Richard' we are actually mixing up last names & first names altogether which must have been a misatke or forethought by Mr. Ghazi Saeed at the time. "Loveson in the heart of Africa" was only published in magazines and never became a book before the Islamic revolution. It was published in very limited quantity as a paperback book by some die-hard fans after the revolution however.
"Is this website associated or affiliated to Mr. Parviz Ghazi Saeed himself?"
Not at all. I'm merely an old fan and collector of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's books.
"Are there any differences between the original books and the post-Islamic-Republic new prints?"
A LOT. However any true collector of Ghazi Saeed books must try to get all the newer editions as well the old originals... if not the collection would not be deemed 100% complete. Eighteen Ghazi Saeed books have been legally republished by Asia Publishing under the Islamic replic... the new editions have been highly sensored, do not incorporate any of the original romantic references, the language has been greatly edited and they now bear a more serious tone and way less fun than how Mr. Ghazi Saeed had intended them to be at the time, and in most cases the new books contain less pages when compared to the originals, due to censorship. Per example, the book 'برای زنده ماندن بکش', a Loveson book, has 110 pages under the new print, but the original was 229 pages. The fonts used to print the books are also different, in a negative way as my eyes find the older Farsi fonts much more soothing to the eyes! The quality of the cover pages was also Much Better before the revolution. Lots of people nowadays are not aware of these facts, and cannot differentiate between an original and a new copy. Lots of Ghazi Saeed books in circulation are in fact either fake books created by printing out PDF files, or the new censored editions edited by 'اصغر شفیعی نیک'.

Parviz Ghazi Saeed ( Said ) Iranian Author of Persian Books