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Answers to frequently asked questions:
"Is the list of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's books mentioned in Wikipedia correct?"
No. To get a correct list of Mr. PGS's books you need to add together the list of books in my collection + the list of books missing from my collection.
"Do you have any digital editions of these books?"
I'm purely and solely into paperback editions. I have downloaded a few PDFs of his books that are freely available on many websites. They are not hard to find.
"Would you provide me photocopy of these books?"
I get this request regularly and on weekly basis. I'm sorry, but I can't do that due to time constraints and high volume of such requests.
"I own an Original/Old Parviz Ghazi Saeed book. Would you buy it?"
Please feel free to contact me.
"How many Loveson books are there? And do you have them all in your collection?"
There are a total of 13 Loveson stories; 12 of them were written by Mr. Ghazi Saeed, and 1 by Amir Rezaee. The first Loveson book featured Loveson and another detective called Robert. Samson was introduced in book number two, and the Loveson/Samson duo featured in two books together before Richard was introduced. The last ten books featured the famous trio.
"What more can you tell us about Loveson, Samson & Richard?"
Reading all the thirteen books you'd realize that Loveson is actually this character's Family name! His full name is Robert Loveson, and his private code is B.F.333 (as James Bond's was 007). Richard's full name is Richard Block. And as for Samson, it's a mystery if this was his first or last name. So when we say, see or read the name of the famous trio 'Loveson, Samson, Richard' we are actually mixing up last names & first names altogether which must have been a misatke or forethought by Mr. Ghazi Saeed at the time.
"Is this website associated or affiliated to Mr. Parviz Ghazi Saeed himself?"
Not at all. I'm merely an old fan and a collector of Mr. Ghazi Saeed's books and I do not work for or know Mr. Ghazi Saeed otherwise.
"Would you consider selling any of your books?"
Most original Ghazi Saeed books were destroyed and burned during the revolution or in the years that followed. I get emails on regular basis from folks telling me that some mother, father, grandparent or sister either threw away or burned or otherwise destroyed their PGS books. It took me over 35 years to find these books and keep them all together. ALL the main-stream PGS titles, 100% of the most famous of his books are in this collection; and as Mr. Ghazesaeed himself told me over the phone, this is the most complete collection of his books on the face of earth. I might contemplate a serious offer if one is ever made by a true fan who can assure me that these books will be passesd along to someone else who cares about them in case of something bad happening...But my main plan and reason for having collected Mr. Ghazi Saeed books was to one day personally donate them to a museum in Iran upon one of my visits back; as these books are pure Iranian Art, and they should all go back to the old country where they came from...and where they belong. In long term, I do not believe that they should remain in any country outside of Iran, as our children growing up in Europe, Canada, USA etc are not familiar with this author and quite normally are not his fans. Thefore one question you should answer is: What will happen to these books when you are not around one day? Quite frankly non-Persian spouses could throw them out in a recycle bin! These books are art work and they should continue to be appreciated long after our generation is gone. Preservation of Iranian art depends on our generation and its conservation is our responsibility.
"Are there any differences between the original books and the post-Islamic-Republic new prints?"
A LOT. I own all the newly printed copies as well as the old ones, because I'm a collector of PGS books and you cannot call yourself a collector if you purposely omit the newest prints thinking that an abundance of them are available! That is just pure bad thinking. I still recall how abundant were these old PGS books before the revolution! I used to walk in bookshops in front of Tehran University and just enjoy watching these books (amongst many others) in every bookshop display...and in big numbers...who would have ever thought then that these books would have gone almost extinct...but look at us now 40 years later...I'm going to be very straight with you: The new editions have been highly sensored, do not incorporate any of the original romantic references, the language has been greatly edited and it's now more serious and way less fun than how Mr. PGS had intended it to be, and in most cases the new books are missing lots of pages when compared to the originals. Per example, the book 'Barayeh Zendeh Mandan Bekosh', a Loveson book, has 110 pages under the new print, but the original is 229 pages. The fonts used to print the books are also different, in a negative way! The old paper quality and fonts, as well as the quality of paint used to print the cover pages were superior in the original books. Lots of people nowadays are not aware of these facts, and cannot differentiate between an original and a new copy, thus missing out on all the fun. Lots of PGS books in circulation are in fact the new editions which are heavily re-edited by 'Asghar Shafee-ee Nik' and not the original PGS ones.

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